2000 Pioneered a 4-year Artiste-In-School Programme (ASIP) and endorsed by National Arts Council, Singapore
2001 Initiated Young Artist Programme (YAP) for the community
2001 Developed teachers' training and workshops at schools
2001 Produced the first Arts week for Northland Arts Centre
2002 Developed the first cluster Dance Camp for N5 Schools
2002 Developed the first Arts excursion for eight schools at ODT’s mainhouse production
2004 Developed a 4-year dance education programme at Bedok View Secondary
2005 Developed a 5-year dance education programme at Juying Secondary School
2009 Commissioned by Academy of Principals Singapore as the Artistic Consultant and produced the Gala Concert at Esplanade Concert Hall for the Principals’ Conference 2009
2009 Developed a 4-year Dance Elective programme at Assumption English School
2010 Commissioned as Artistic Consultant and produced many high quality productions for schools such as ‘Te Deum’ for Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School
2010 Developed a 3-year partnership with Greenridge Primary School, providing Dance Elective Programmes for P1 – P4, Co- Curriculum Activities, as well as 3 annual Gala Concerts for Greenridge community as well as Cluster level.
2010 - 2012 Completed 3-year partnership with Greenridge Primary School with 3 major productions being produced at University Cultural Centre (UCC) Hall.
2011 Developed a 3-year dance development programmes at Bukit Batok Secondary School
2011 Partnered with Assumption English School to present ‘Leap of Faith’ as part of ODT’s the 6th Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta which involved West Zone schools with Ms Ho Peng (Director General, Ministry of Education) as Guest of Honour
2012 Developed new dance development programmes at Punggol Secondary School
2013 Developed new dance education programmes and Co-Curriculum Activities at Marsiling Primary School
2014 Incorporated a new professional training & develoment programme for young dance talents – Talent Excellence Programme
2014 Commissioned by Nanyang Polytechnic as the Artistic Consultant and produced 'ViVa!' - the Gala Dance Musical at Esplanade Theatre for 400 students and alumni, involving 22 CCAs.
2015 Talent Excellent Programme (TEP) scholars had its first appearance at the Youth Expression Platform at Drama Centre.
2015 Talent Excellent Programme (TEP) scholars was featured in Bangkok International Dance Festival.
2015 - 2016 Artist Mentorship Programme supported by STAR & NAC was successfully implemented for Northland Primary School and South View Primary School.
2016 Talent Excellent Programme (TEP) scholars performed in the Community Enrichment Programme for the beneficiaries of HCA Hospice Care at Drama Centre.
2016 Commissioned by South View Primary School for its 70th anniversary opening programme, involving Primary 2 students.
2017 With the birth of ODT Arts Education, Arts4yoUths as one of its units has redefined its objectives by focusing on students of age between 4 to 17.
2018 With the birth of ODT Arts Education, Arts4yoUths as one of its units has redefined its objectives by focusing on students of age between 4 to 17.
Arts4yoUths programmes have continued to engage more than 2,000 pupils annually and have impacted many students through the years.

Arts4yoUths will continue to contribute to the vibrancy of arts in Singapore through its distinctive creative voice in art training and development. By upholding professionalism and proficiency in dance training & education, dance making and presentation, you will be enticed to learn and appreciate dance from our highly acclaimed original productions and unique educational programmes.



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